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by Erik Schmuck, 1 year ago
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The Kuwait Towers are a group of three slender towers in Kuwait. They were the sixth, and last, group in the larger Kuwait Water Towers system of 34 towers. The Kuwait Towers were officially inaugurated in March 1979.The main tower is 187 metres (614 ft) high and carries two spheres.The lower sphere holds in its bottom half a water tank of 4,500 cubic metres (1,200,000 US gal) and in its upper half there is a restaurant. The upper sphere, which rises to 123 metres (404 ft) above sea level and completes a full turn every 30 minutes.The second tower is 147 metres (482 ft) high and serves as a water tower. The two water towers hold 9,000 cubic metres (2,400,000 US gal) of water altogether.The Kuwait Towers were designed by Danish architect Malene Bjørn as part of a water distribution project run by the Swedish engineering company VBB.Approximately 41,000 enameled steel discs cover the three spheres in eight shades of blue, green and gray, recalling the tiled domes of historic mosques. The discs are arranged in spiral patterns around the spheres. According to the architect, the Kuwait Tower group refers to ideals of humanity and technology, symbolised by the globe and the rocket.

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