Angry White Tigers Fighting - Tigers Real Fight

by Erik Schmuck, 2 years ago
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Male White Tigers vs Female White Tigers Fighting

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Angry White Tigers Fighting and Roaring || DO NOT Make White Tiger Angry - EVER
Animals like white tiger do not get angry with other white tiger easily but when White tiger got angry, it is impossible to stop them from destruction.
In this video watch male and female White Tigers Fighting and Roaring at each others.

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Documentary on wild white tigers fighting captured on camera by TheHunt. Do not make White Tiger angry ever. Above incident took place in National Park of Bangalore when suddenly two White Tiger started fighting.
Fight got really intense. Both tigers started injuring each other badly then to stop them driver pushed vehicle directly in them to push them apart. This is the first time you will see angry white tiger vs tiger fight. Animals generally don't fight most of the time but when animals like white tiger got angry, they are unstoppable. Nowdays it is rare to find white tigers in the forest. Mostly white tigers are found in the zoo like National Park Banglore. White tiger life is very simple and static because of the limitations of the zoo.

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