National Anthem of Guam - "Fanohge Chamoru"

by Erik Schmuck, 2 years ago
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"Stand Ye Guamanians" es el himno territorial de Guam. Como dependencia de Estados Unidos su himno nacional es The Star-Spangled Banner. Adoptado en 1919, la letra y la música fueron escritas por Ramon Manalisay Sablan.

Stand Ye Guamanians (Chamorro: Fanohge Chamoru), generically known as The Guam Hymn, is the official territorial anthem of Guam. Adopted in 1919, the words and music were written in English by Dr Ramon Manalisay Sablan. The Chamorro translation was the work of Lagrimas L.G. Untalan, and it is this later version that enjoys wider usage today.

As a United States dependency, the official national anthem is still the "Star Spangled Banner", which is always played before the Guam Hymn on official occasions. The Guam Hymn, however, is played alone at international sports competitions.

"Stand Ye Guamanians" ist die offizielle Nationalhymne von Guam. 1919 wurde sie eingeführt. Der Text ist von Ramon Manalisay Sablan.

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