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Getting There: Iraqi Kurdistan has two international airports, Erbil and Sulaimany. Currently there are direct international flights from Kurdistan to Dubai, Amman, Beirut and Frankfort.

There is the option to reach to Kurdistan by flying to Turkey: - Purchase a ticket to Diyarbakir (the nearest large city to the Turkish / Iraqi Kurdistan border). Upon arrival to the Diyarbakir airport, you will need to take a taxi to the border (Ibrahim Khalil / Habur). Once you have crossed the Turkish border into Iraqi Kurdistan (Ibrahim Khalil/Habur), you will be greeted by the Kurdish customs officials who will issue you a visa and further information on your destination.

Getting Around Iraqi Kurdistan: Taxi, Bus, and Private Car Hire. If you are mainly interested in staying in a city, taxi is reliable and good value for money. An average charge within a city drive is 2 dollers, as for the Bus it is definitely cheaper. To hire a car with or without driver could be the option for you. You can have your own chauffeur at your disposal throughout your stay. This will offer you the choice to travel short or long distances. A local driver has the knowledge and will advise you throughout your visit.

Where to Visit
Erbil city is the capital of Kurdistan Region Government, the oldest city with continuous residentially. This city is regarded as one of the most deep-rooted Governorate in the area, its history begins before A.D. The city was established 6000 prior to A.D. The name of Erbil city has been found in the Somarian transcripts. The city was the main station for The God Ashtar which was the main goddess which was worshiped at that era. The city is a key element for eastern part and Kurdistan Region defining. Geographical Data: Erbil city is located east to Sulaymanyah Governorate and it is only 350 km from Baghdad. The city is surrounded by Nineveh from west and Kirkuk city from east and Iran and Turkey from North. There are two Museum, Erbil citadel museum, which is located in the citadel. It contains about 40 antique parts and anc-ient heritages. The second one is Erbil museum which includes about 5000 ancient parts, which deep-rooted in the history.

Sulaimani City, One of the major cities in both Kurdistan region and Iraq, situated 385 Km north Baghdad and 198 Km north east Erbil the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The city sits between two chains of mountains (Goyzha & Glazarda), The city was founded by Ibrahim Pasha in the year 1784. Today Sulaimani has developed in most modern life aspects, hotels, motels, supermarkets & Malls, theatres, restaurants & Parks. From the cultural perspective, Sulaimani is considered to be the capital of Kurdish culture, the famous old Saray situates at the center of the city, while many museums are distributed. Sulaimani Embrace several universities & Educational Institutions both Public & Private, in addition to the American University.

Duhok City is the center of Duhok prefecture (governorate) one of main cities in Kurdistan Region. It situates north Iraq, close to both Syrian & Turkish borders. Duhok city is on plane ground between 2 mountain chains, Shandukha from the south and Spi from the north, while mountain Seen stands on the east. On the west side a plane area could be seen with a tourism environment. The majority of citizens are Kurds; they live peacefully with Chaldean, Assyrian, Armenian and Yazidi minorities. Duhok city is famous with historical sites in which sculptures could be seen on the rocks. Yazidic cultural museum, playground for kids, small zoo. The city embraces Duhok University and many cultural centers. Some most important tourist sites inside the city include Masjed Haj Ahmad considered to be the the biggest Masjed of Duhok and Mart Alaha Church the oldest church in Duhok

Kalar, is the administrative center of Garmyan district. It lies 140 Km southeast of Sulaimani prefecture and 30 Km from the Iranian border. Kalar consists of 27 quarters of a population of about 250,000 residents. Kalar is located on a large plain area embracing many historical sites related to different periods; BC, AD, and Islamic periods. Shirwana Citadel, Pasha Citadel and Christian Canal are examples of AD historical sites. In winter, temperatures may reach 2˚C.

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