Oslo Travel Guide: Things to do in Oslo as a Tourist

by Erik Schmuck, 1 year ago
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Top Sightseeing locations to visit in Oslo, Norway. Including Downtown Oslo, The Royal Castle, museums, Vigelandsparken, Holmenkollen, and more.

The exact locations are listed at the end of the description.

The Oslo Opera:

Do this one! The opera building is adjacent to the central station, and it's awesome. It's architecture is like walking on an iceberg, and it overlooks the Oslo fjord and Akershus Castle. Doesn't take much time.

Karl Johans gate:

The main walking street that connects Central Station (Oslo S) with the Royal Castle. I guess it's a must when you come to Oslo. You can't avoid it, and you shouldn't! Because it's the main street of Oslo. But Karl Johan is mostly for the tourists, beggars, scammers. People that live in Oslo, like me, hardly ever go there.

Royal Castle:

It's quite small compared to other royal castles because Norway was a poor country when it was built. But it's still a nice place to walk through on your way to Bogstadveien or to spend half an hour.

Akershus Castle:

This is a nice medieval castle at the center of Oslo, overlooking the Oslo fjord, and Aker brygge. Very nice for sunsets, and after a day in Oslo sentrum or Aker Brygge. There is also a free military museum and a cheap WWII resistance museum here.

Aker Brygge:

These are the Oslo docks which have been redeveloped into a posh private restaurant/bar/shopping area. Nice for a walk, and plenty of places to sit down and watch people or the magnificent view of Akershus Castle. There's also a modern art museum here if that's your thing. If you do go to the modern art museum, be sure go all the way to the top terrace, where you find an even better view of Aker Brygge, the fjord and Akershus Castle.

Museum Island/Peninsula (Bygdøy):

This is where most of the museums are, including the Viking Ship Museum, Kon Tiki, Maritime Museum, Folk Museum. But be aware that it takes a day, and it's quite a detour, there's not much else to do there. If I had to pick one, I would do the Viking Ship museum and maybe the adjacent Folk Museum.


This sculpture park is very good, and very large. During summer this is a continuous party/BBQ, but in wintertime you will find mostly joggers and dog walkers. Do this park if naked stone people are your thing. Pro tip: The Oslo City museum is in the park, and its FREE!


Holmenkollen is a giant ski-jump on a mountain overlooking Oslo. There is also the ski-museum and ski-stuff around here. Metro line 1 runs all the way to Frognerseteren and there is a cafe/restaurant close to the wilderness where you can overlook Oslo.


This is a lookout point close to Oslo, overlooking the city. If you are thinking of going to Frognerseteren for the view only, you should go here instead. Much closer to the city, so you get a better view and travel time is less, this is a nice spot to watch the sunset.

Some Pro Tips:

If you want to see "the fjord" for cheap, go to the beginning of Aker Brygge, and take the ferry (B10) to Nesodden and back again (don't get of). You will have a great view of Akershus Castle, Aker Brygge, numerous islands and the fjord.

The "RuterReise" app for live public transportation time tables or planning, or just use Google maps, there's another "RuterBillett" app for purchasing tickets with a credit card on your phone, but I think it's only in Norwegian. Then there is the website for trip planning.

Uber app, works quite well, and is half price of normal taxi

00:00 Jernbanetorget
00:57 Bicycles
01:53 The Opera
02:30 Karl Johans gate
02:52 Parliament (Stortinget)
03:23 The Royal Castle (Slottet)
03:57 Nobel Peace Center
04:29 The Harbor
04:44 Ferry B10 (see the fjord)
05:03 Aker Brygge
05:24 Astrup Fearnley
06:19 Akershus Castle
06:30 Inside Akershus Castle
07:13 Bygdøynes
07:42 Vikingship Museum
07:54 Folk Museum (Stavkirke)
08:31 Oscarshall Castle
08:33 Holocaust Center
08:36 Kongsgården
08:44 Huk (the beach)
09:11 Vigelandsparken
10:04 Oslo City Museum
10:32 Holmenkollen (ski jump)
10:56 Ski Museum
11:05 Holmenkollen Kapell (church)
11:23 Frognerseteren T-bane (metro)...

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